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Proving Your Identity

(applicable to non customers)

Why do I need to prove my identity?

By law, all banks, building societies and financial service providers have to check the identity of anyone who wants to open an account or obtain any financial service from them.  This is a requirement under the Money Laundering Regulations, to prevent criminals from depositing their money from illegal activities.  Identity checks are also important to prevent people from opening accounts using a false identity.


What is money laundering?

Criminals need to hide the money they make from their illegal activities so it can’t be traced by the authorities. They may do this by trying to get their money into a bank, often using a false name and address, because once the money is in the financial system, it’s harder to track down and confiscate.


Identification requirements

We require 3 different items of identification. 2 from Panel A and 1 from Panel B and these must be original documents except for those marked *, where a certified copy is acceptable.

They can be certified by a UK lawyer, banker, accountant, teacher, doctor, minister of religion or post master/sub-post master. The certified copies should be signed, dated, marked ‘original seen’ and bear the status, name and address of the certifier, who must be independent of the applicant. The document itself may be a photocopy, but the certification and the signature must be original. Please note that you can’t use the same document to confirm both your name and address.


A- To confirm your name

  • Current valid full passport*
  • Current full UK driving licence* (with a photocard)
  • Latest Inland Revenue notice
  • A benefit notification letter
  • Latest Building Society/Bank statement (interent statement are acceptable if your full name is printed)
  • Residence permit or an EU ID card
  • Birth certicates (Kidz & Teenz applicants only) 


B- To confirm your address

  • Utility bill less than 3 months old (e.g. gas, electricity, water, telephone but not mobile telephone bills)
  • Latest Building Society/Bank statement(internet statements are acceptable if your full name and address are printed)
  • Current full UK driving licence* (with a photocard)
  • Council tax bill valid for the current year
  • Recent mortgage statement from a recognised lender
  • Current tenancy/housing agreement
  • Student College/university letter
  • NHS Medical Card (under 20 years old)
  • Television licence renewal notice
  • A store or credit card statement which is less than 3 months old.
For all current account, mortgage and personal loan applications, we need to see your latest 3 months bank statements for your main bank account.


Applications can be made by post or on the bank's premises. We will make a record of the identification details you provide and return them to you.


Got a problem?

Don’t worry if you are unable to provide any of the standard documents. For example, we realise that you may not have a passport or driving licence, or any bills or statements addressed to you because accounts may be held in your partner’s name.

There are other documents we might be able to accept, and we have other ways of confirming your name and address, such as checking the Electoral Register. If you are not registered on the Electoral Register, you should explain why on the application form when applying to open your account.




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